God, as viewed by animals

        As far as anyone can tell, human beings are the only animals that seem to recognize the concept of a God. While a large percentage of humans in the world practice a religion of some sort, this is unheard of in any other species of animal. It is true that we are the most intelligent species on the planet - but why should this enable us to understand and realize a God, while all other species are oblivious? If there is a God that created all life on this planet, why would he make humans the only species that feel the need to worship him?

        In answering these questions, there are two different ways that one can go. You can argue that God favored humans, thus making them the most dominant species, but as a result giving them divine insight so that he would be forever worshiped. But if God wanted to be worshiped, why would he who created every species on the planet want or permit only one to worship him? Many people also believe that God interacts with each human on a personal level, hearing their prayers and executing his predetermined plan for each. But again, what about other animals? Does God also have a predetermined plan for every living organism on the planet?

        Now, consider the notion that God is time. It is unarguable that every intelligent living organism has some concept of time. Animals understand that every day it gets light and then dark outside. They understand that every year (depending on where they are located geographically) it gets colder for awhile, during winter, and then warms up during summer. Some animals anticipate this change in season and migrate to a different location, while others prepare for the change and hibernate. Animals also understand that their time is temporary. An animal instinctually runs and hides from predators, understanding that if they don't they will likely be injured or killed. Most animals can sense when they are preparing to die, and make an effort to isolate themselves. So if God is time, it can be said that all animals understand God. Humans are no longer an elite species who are divinely favored by God, since every animal can comprehend time. In fact, in this view, it seems that humans are the only species who misinterpret God. They take the concept of time, and warp it into a God who interacts on a personal level with every human. Since they think that God personally interacts with humans, that they need to pray to this God and worship this God. God as we define it is merely a misunderstanding of time.


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