God needs time, Time doesn't need God

        I have presented the very basics of my theory to a couple of different people who are devoutly religious. The first thing that they correct me on is that, according to their beliefs, God isn't time, God created time. But when we consider God and his creations, one thing is apparent - everything that God has created, and everything that God does, requires time. According to the Bible (which may or may not be taken literally), God created the heavens and earth over a seven-day period. Those that argue for a non-literal interpretation of the Bible, i.e. those that understand how the earth has evolved, will say that seven days God's time may be millions of years in our time. Regardless of whose time God used when he created the world, the simple fact is that he needed time.

        Most people who pray to God believe that God will hear and answer our prayers. Many people pray for guidance, or pray for some sort of a change to occur in their life or in the life of someone close to them. While guidance may be found, and changes in life often do occur, neither happen instantaneously. Simply praying for something does not cause it to happen immediately. Again, we see, that God needs time to do his work.

    As Christians say: with prayer, God will answer in one of three ways: Yes, No, or Wait. Three things could happen - the answer to a prayer could happen relatively immediately, it could happen eventually, or it could never happen. If it never happens, Christians claim that it just isn't in God's plan. If it happens immediately or eventually, they claim God heard and answered the prayer. Another more logical explanation is this - since prayer is usually for some sort of future event, the probability of the event occurring determines when the prayer is "answered". If one prays for something highly probabilistic, such as making it home safely from work, the prayer will likely come true. However, if someone prays for something less likely, such as coming upon a large sum of money, the prayer will be probabilistically less likely to come true, and therefore will take much longer to occur, or will never occur.

        So, essentially, God is powerless without time. He cannot create, he cannot destroy, he cannot answer prayers. All of Gods power employs the use of time. Returning to the first criticism of one who believes in a creationistic God, how could God create something such as time, whenever time is what he uses to create? The easiest solution to this paradox is to remove God from the equation entirely. If time is God's tool for doing all of his work, why is God needed at all? If time is the workhorse in the equation, the thing that actually completes all of the acts of God, why does it first need to be created by God? Why not skip a step and say that God is time?


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