God or infinity?

    If one is to contemplate the beginning of the universe, one soon realizes the options that are present. One of two possibilities exist - Either the universe was created, or the universe has always existed. Those who support the creation theory must, at least to some degree, believe in a creator. Whether this creator simply created the "big bang" and let physics take over from there, or whether the creator has played an integral part in every choice made by every living creature is another matter. To myself, if there were a creator, I find it hard to believe that we are his "puppets" with which he has a pre-determined path for each.

    However, if we assume that there is no creator, or "God", we must assume that the universe has always been here. The universe cannot just come into existence without being created, so we are forced to rely on the concept of infinite time. We know that time will most likely continue to infinity in the future (although the universe eventually won't even remotely resemble what it is today)...so it makes sense that time could go to infinity in the past. Instead of the universe being created the some 14 billion years ago when the "big bang" happened, what if this event was just another chapter in the infinite history of the universe? We cannot tell what happened before this expansion, so assuming that the "big bang" was the beginning is just as viable as assuming that it wasn't.

    Thus, one has to subscribe to either believe in a God (as in a creator), or believe in infinite time. This isn't to say that one cannot believe in both a God and infinite time, but it is to say that one cannot believe in neither. To do so is to ignore the most fundamental question of how the universe that we live in got here. Someone who describes themselves as an atheist that doesn't believe in infinity has built themselves into a paradox. Personally, I view myself as an atheist, and therefore am forced to accept the concept of infinity. There is simply no other way. This concept itself should not be hard to allow, however. It shows up innumerable times in mathematics, programming, cosmology, and various other fields. And while mathematics was discovered, it is one of the most perfect and useful discoveries ever. The laws of mathematics can never be broken. One plus one is always two. And there is no limit to how many times you can add one more - because numbers are infinite.


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