GoT.ME is an acronym that stands for God - Time - Money - Evil. The idea of this is to logically link my theory that God is Time to the mantra that Time is Money, and that Money is the root of all Evil. I first thought of it while driving home after a stressful day.

I am sure most of us have heard the old saying that Time is Money. This is true, as with all occupations the only way to make money is to work. And, of course, working requires time, consumes time, and wastes time.

Many are also familiar with the old saying that Money is the root of all Evil. This also radiates truth, as a large chunk of crimes committed have money as a motive. Money, or the greed, jealousy, and rivalry it creates, causes people to abandon their morals and become more evil.

So if  A (time) = B (money), and B = C (root of evil), then does A = C? Is time the root of all evil? Yes! Because time is the root of everything. Every event that occurs does so with (is rooted in) time, and the higher probability of the event occurring, the more frequent in time it will happen. The events that are perceived as evil by society occur with time. Time is not the cause of all things evil, but it is certainly the root.

Lets put an IGITY spin on this, since Time is both Money and the root of all Evil, and IGITY states that God is Time. Be this the case, then God should also be Money, and the root of all Evil.

God is Money? Most of the time. Church is the place where we go to collectively worship God. While a few churches fail, most thrive and receive generous donations. Also, they are tax exempt, so none of the money that is made in the name of God is paid to the government. The movie The Passion of the Christ, about the death of Jesus, grossed  $611,899,420 worldwide (11th highest), and made more on its opening weekend than any other movie in history. Not to mention that more copies of the Bible have been sold than any other book. It is inarguable that there are large amounts of Money in religion, the churches, and God. So God is Money.

God is the root of all Evil? This seems counter intuitive, as God is thought of as "good". But let us consider the many wars that have been fought because of religion or religious views. The Crusades is estimated to have killed several million people. The continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine. Extremists that indiscriminately kill in the name of their God. What about Catholic Priests abusing children? Or those who hate or kill  homosexuals because of an ambiguous quote from the Bible. The Bible discusses the concept of pureness vs. evil, as there is good (God, Heaven), and bad (Satan, Hell). I know that without religion there would still be horribly evil and delusional people in this world. And so I cannot say that God is the root of all Evil, but I do say that God is the root of much Evil.


So you've GoT.ME. IGITY seems to stand the test of age-honored slogans or mantras. God is Time is Money is the rom-Evil.