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The sad circumstances of today can only be improved through peace.

IGITY is being revamped as a universal philosophy celebrating life and liberty.

Until it is ready you can read the original IGITY below, check out IGITY BLOG, or download my Master's Thesis (~25 MB, PDF)

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"In many cultures it is customary to answer that God created the universe out of nothing.  But this is mere temporizing.  If we wish courageously to pursue the question, we must, of course ask next where God comes from.  And if we decide this to be unanswerable, why not save a step and decide that the origin of the universe is an unanswerable question?  Or, if we say that God has always existed, why not save a step and conclude that the universe has always existed?"  - Carl Sagan, Cosmos  p.257

        IGITY is an acronym which stands for If God Is Time, Yes. This is a philosophy that I have developed, and it reflects my own beliefs and opinions concerning the concept of a God. To understand IGITY, ask any question concerning God. For example, "Did God create the world?" or "Does God answer our prayers?". To each of these questions, and any other question posed concerning God, I would answer IGITY. The term IGITY is a play off of my theory that God is Time.


God needs Time.

God needs time.

You cannot disbelieve both.

God or infinity? 




Timeless states


Different ways to meditate

Untraditional  Meditation


Let your voice be heard.


God shoots straight sixes.

Einstein and God 




A vacation with my family

Testing the theory

Do animals know God?

God and animals


Why God is popular 

International reach

Elena's GIST / Collective Thought

Map of where IGITY has reached

Igity Map





My feline friend.





As time progresses these ideas are continually changing, evolving, and growing. Please check back in the near future for updates!