The following is a writing collected from a notebook and dated (based on surrounding material) to early- or mid-September, 1999. I wrote this at the age of 15, and it is the first record of IGITY-type thoughts that I have. The material is transcribed as accurately as possible.





When a feeling of emptyness is all you can find

after searching deep within yourself

Time has caught you

Time is the god of all. It causes anything to

end eventually, and causes new things to begin.

no god ever imagined in any bible or any

mind has more power than time.

Time, not god, is the creator of everything we know.

Without time, there would be nothing. Time

judges the outcome of every event, and every

person in the world depends on it

for everything. You may believe that you

are self-sufficient, and that you need nothing,

but you can't exist without time. No person,

god, or spirit can ever come close to achieving

the ultimate power of  TIME.